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Martyrs (2008)


Lucie's been missing for over a year when she is finally found by the side of the road, mad and clearly unbalanced, unable to tell whats happened or whos responsible. The police promptly find a derelict slaughterhouse. Every indication shows Lucie had been there and never left the cold room in which she was imprisoned. No evidence of sexual abuse to bring the police closer to the one responsible, makes this a difficult task to uncover whats happened and how the child escaped.



Anonymous said...

this film is as terrifying as anything ever released.It has horrible extremes to utterly believable extremes. performances, photography, editing, score, sound design, direction are all spot ont takes events from modern headlines and carries them. Iam an avid horror fan, and of course this has some of the typical blood/gory scenes however, it's one of the best made horror/thriller films I have ever seen. 5/5 it's a MUST SEE... just don't watch it alone!

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