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Friday the 13th: From Crystal Lake to Manhattan (2004)


The 5-disc set features the entire collection of Paramount's eight FRIDAY THE 13th films, two-per-disc, plus a 5th disc that is dedicated to many hours of behind-the-scenes material on the history and folklore associated with the classic horror series, as well as theatrical trailers, new animated menus, commentary tracks and other FRIDAY THE 13th pleasures.

Special features include:

A featurette "Crystal Lake Victims Tell All!" in which cast and crew from various films share amusing anecdotes.

A featurette "Tales From the Cutting Room," in which exclusive deleted scenes and footage is revealed for the first time.

An 8-part featurette "The Friday The 13th Chronicles," which looks at the legacy of the films throughout their history, featuring cast and crew commenting on each film and why they appeal to audiences.

A 3-part featurette "Secrets Galore Behind The Gore," which looks at the work of master make-up effects designer Tom Savini in Part 1 and Part IV and John Carl Buechler in Part VII. Includes rare and never-before-seen footage, drawings and stills illustrating the make-up techniques used to create Jason and achieve elaborate death scenes.

A featurette "Friday Artifacts and Collectibles," which looks at props and collectables from the films.

Crystal Lake Victims Tell All
Friday Artifacts and Collectables
Friday the 13th Chronicles I
Friday the 13th Chronicles II
Friday the 13th Chronicles III
Friday the 13th Chronicles IV
Friday the 13th Chronicles V
Friday the 13th Chronicles VI
Friday the 13th Chronicles VII
Friday the 13th Chronicles VIII
Secrets Galore Behind the Gore I
Secrets Galore Behind the Gore IV
Secrets Galore Behind the Gore VII
Tales From the Cutting Room Floor


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