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The Nightmare (Gawi) (2000)


Seven friends will die one by one for protecting a terrible secret. Can a vengeful spirit be stopped?

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Anonymous said...

The problem with this film was improbability. The whole thing hinges on a video tape, recorded on a day when nothing special was supposed to happen but someone accidentally dies, then the video continues to record as the perps try to hide their misdeed. Um, #1, why would anyone in that group want to record incriminating evidence and #2-they never show who is recording; all the characters are in the picture, even as they move from room to rooftop. If all the characters are in the frame, who is shooting the video? Stupid mistake by what must have been a rookie director. Too bad, too, as the storyline was decent and the acting was good.

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